2020 Winter Series Race Brief COVID-19

1.      Key COVID Race Strategy – Turn up, Participate, Leave

2.      Social Distancing – Don’t attend if feeling sick, maintain 1.5m between people, practice personal hygiene.

3.      Current NSW Government Requirements – No people are to attend if they have been in any reported NSW case locations

4.      The Course – The Piney Green and Black Loops will be used. The only markings are the standard loop markers Green and Black arrows. If you haven’t ridden before we would recommend that you roll a lap before the event. A/B lines are sign posted, A lines are more technical than B lines. B lines give way to A lines.

5.      Laps

Elite male/female - 4 laps

19-39 male/female - 3 laps

40+ male/female - 2 laps

50+ male/female - 2 laps

U19 male/female - 3 laps

U17 male/female - 2 laps

U15 male/female - 1 lap

E-Bikes male/female – 3 laps

U13 male/female - green lop with parent or short lap in Big Dogs Den

6.      Safety Equipment – A helmet meeting the Australian Standard must be worn and bar ends (plugs) fitted. It is strongly recommended that all riders wear gloves, covered shoes and eye protection.

7.      Overtaking - It is the responsibility of the overtaking rider to make the rider aware of their presence (call “track” politely).  It is then up to the 2 riders to negotiate a safe and convenient time to overtake. The rider being overtaken has the right of way! The only exception is if you are pushing your bike in which case riders have right of way over people walking their bikes.  If you are pushing please move off the track to allow riders to pass.

8.      Judgement - please use your judgement, there are difficult sections of the track and if it is too difficult for you, get off and walk your bike or use the B line.

9.      Registrations – There is only online registration, no registrations to be taken at the race venue. Must pick up a plate at the event. You will hold onto your plate for the entire Winter Series. If you lose your race plate a new plate will be $5 and must be purchased online.

10.  Start & Finish – To obtain the COVID social distancing a start grid will be marked on the ground one rider per mark. Riders will self seed on the grid. The start will proceed for the full length of “The Strip” which will give ample time for riders to seed before entering the single track. You must pass over the electronic timing mat after every lap.

11.  Presentation and Race Results – There will be no presentations. Race results link will be posted on NEMTB FaceBook page following the race.

12.  Admin – Peter Hosking will be the Commissaire, Paul Billings will be the COVID Safety Officer

13.  Accident and First Aid - In the event of an accident it is the responsibility of the next rider to check if the person is OK and stop and help, the second rider is to ride on and inform the people at the Start/Finish. There is a First Aid Kit and Defibrillator located at the registration table

14.  Courtesy - This is an event involving elite riders as well as beginners and young children.  It is all riders duty to be courteous to each other and to the organisers and volunteers.

15.  If Lost - If you manage to get lost and you can see or hear no other riders a search won't be conducted until after the event or if a rider is reported missing.  The best course is to retrace your route to try to make it back to the course.  If you are still unsuccessful, stay put and try to make a regular sound to help notify those looking for you.

16.  Mechanical – There is no onsite mechanic. If your bike brakes please wheel your bike safely back to the start/finish and inform the registration area staff of your plight.

17.  Water and Food - This is a self supported race, it is the competitors responsibility to ensure they are appropriately hydrated and fed. The laps can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 70 mins so pack accordingly. All riders must carry some water.

18.  Race Numbers - Race numbers must be clearly displayed on the front of your bike.  If something happens to your number it is your responsibility to let the timing staff know what happened.

19.  Litter - We share this forest and if we want to be able to use it in the future we need to leave it clean and tidy.  Please take your rubbish with you or put it in a bin.

20.  Good luck with your ride and enjoy the track