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Membership Fees

NEMTB is affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). A bulk of the fees are paid to MTBA to cover insurance. The club receives a small proportion of the fees as stated below of which $15 is paid to the Armidale Regional Sports Council for use of Council facilities.

NEMTB is a registered Active Kids Provider with the NSW Office of Sport.  If you would like to redeem your voucher for your child's club membership, either a new membership or a renewing membership, please fill out a paper membership form.  This can be downloaded here.  Forward the completed membership form and your Active Kids Voucher details to pres.nemtb@gmail.com.

To join our club press the following link to go the Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) web based payment system. When prompted to select a club choose "New England Mountain Bikers ".
  Effective 1 July 2019


You can also try the introductory 8 week free trial as a MTBA member to see if you like it. Follow this link.

* Note that the Recreation Memberships and Recreation Day Permits are for social non-race events only.