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The Capital better be ready for the Whippet and C.Rap!

posted 18 May 2017, 03:30 by Peter and Barbs   [ updated 18 May 2017, 03:35 ]

This weekend Jack “The Whippet” Feltham, supported by Chris “C.Rap” Feltham, are heading down in the Grey Nurse (The 2 Wheel van) to Canberra for the 2nd Round of the Gravity Enduro (GE) National Series.

Jack will be competing against 29 other Elite riders. There are five timed Stages with practice on Saturday and competition on Sunday. GE is typically a little peddlier then the standard Downhill and the bikes not quite long legged, as the competitors need to grind each ascent to the next stage.

Jack all the best from NEMTB for a great weekend of racing!