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2012 Winter Series Race 4 Results - 24 Jul - Robbers Run

posted 24 Jun 2012, 01:11 by Michael Wooster   [ updated 25 Jun 2012, 01:17 by Peter and Barbs ]

 The Pinch has been tamed! Mountain Bike Riders rode strongly in New England Mountain Bikers (NEMTB) latest race.  There were two separate races held on Sunday afternoon at Robbers Run.  This is a single-track mountain bike track from carpark at Thunderbolts Cave to the bottom of the pinch.  This track is full of curves, jumps and obstacles all the way down the hill.  The track was fast and smooth on Sunday with some impressive times in the Super D Time Trial.  The Brother and sister team of Ben and Fiona Brunckhorst clocked the fastest male and female times respectively. The hill was the winner during the other race.  It was a Hill Climb up from the bottom.  The track for this race was a rocky road and the cool air made lungs sting.

The Hill Climb was held first.  The quickest up the mountain was Sean Bekkers, a rider from Queensland.  Sean rode up the hill in a time of 8 min 41 sec.  Second was Harrison Munday (8:48) from Peter Hosking (9:04) and Peter Harris (9:53). 

In the Open Women’s Holly Harris was first (10:09) from Fiona Brunckhorst (11:24) and Jo Benham (12:19).

In the under 15 division, Michael Harris won the men’s (10:24) with Katherine Hosking winning the women’s (11:26).  Both of these times are brilliant for such young riders.

After a suitable rest, the fun part begun!  The Super D downhill race was won by the hot favourite Ben Brunckhorst (4 min 54 sec).  Ben came back to town to race before he leaves to compete in the French Alps.  Second was Peter Harris (4:57) who just pipped his brother James Harris (4:58).  Seam Bekkers was 4th (5:06).

The Open Women’s Super D race was won by Fiona Brunckhorst (5:21) who just loves her home track.  Second was Holly Harris (6:01) from Jo Benham (6:48).

Katherine Hosking made it a double winning the Under 15 female’s race. 

There was only 1/10 of a second between cousins Kayne Gasbarri (5:56.8) and Angus Gasbarri (5:56.9) in the Under 15 men’s race with Kayne getting the nod from the timers for the win.

The next race in the Winter Series is on Sunday 15 July at the Armidale Pine Forest.  This will be a normal cross-country style race with two courses to choose from.  Long and hard or short and smooth.  See the website for more information.

Uphill Results

Uphill Time

Mens Open

Bekkers Sean 08:41.2
Munday Harrison 08:48.5
Hosking Peter 09:04.4
Harris Peter 09:53.5
Brunkhorst Ben 10:44.2
Harris Ben 10:51.4
Hutton Sam 11:09.9
Burgess Ross 11:24.6
Chapman Steve 12:12.8
Harris James 12:43.0
Platts Bill 13:06.2

U15 Female

Hosking Katherine 11:26.9
Wooster Emily 13:23.4
Hosking Bella 14:29.1

U15 Male

Harris Michael 10:24.5
Feltham Jack 11:40.7
Gasbarri Angus 12:54.0
Parker Jack 15:05.0
Gasbarri Kayne 15:41.2
Harper Andrew 30:14.4

Womens Open

Harris Holly 10:09.3
Brunkhorst Fiona 11:24.3
Benham Jo 12:19.6
Harris Lisa 13:50.0
Brunkhorst Shireen 15:03.4
Hosking Barb 15:21.7
Wrenford-Mobbs Sonya 15:52.1
Stone Nina 16:05.0

Downhill Results


Mens Open
Downhill Time
Brunkhorst Ben 04:54.0
Harris Peter 04:57.4
Harris James 04:58.7
Bekkers Sean 05:06.2
Hutton Sam 05:19.5
Harris Ben 05:21.2
Hosking Peter 05:24.5
Munday Harrison 05:29.7
Chapman Steve 05:40.9
Brunkhorst Dave 06:14.9
Burgess Ross 06:30.8
Platts Bill 06:41.8
Cornall Paul 08:28.4

U15 Female

Hosking Katherine 06:41.7
Hosking Bella 07:09.4
Wooster Emily 07:54.0

U15 Male

Gasbarri Kayne 05:56.8
Gasbarri Angus 05:56.9
Parker Jack 06:11.4
Harris Michael 06:24.6
Feltham Jack 06:26.1
Cornall Angus 09:24.1

Womens Open

Brunkhorst Fiona 05:21.7
Harris Holly 06:01.5
Benham Jo 06:48.9
Harris Lisa 07:07.3
Stone Nina 07:20.0
Wrenford-Mobbs Sonya 08:15.0
Brunkhorst Shireen 08:28.6
Hosking Barb 09:13.5