Calendar and Race Information

Race Events occur at a few different levels:

Local (Club) Level - Summer Series, Winter Series and some one off races

Regional Level - Northern Inland Cross Country Series (NIXCS) and GNaTPACK series races. Also some one off races like UNE 12 Hours in the Piney, Grafton GBomb, Walcha Westpac Helicopter MTB Challenge etc

State level - In 2017 MTBA is looking to start a State Series and State Championships visit for more information

National Level - Each year starting in January is a National Series as well as National Championships each year around March for categories from U15 upwards. Visit for the latest information on this

International Level - There are opportunities to race at Oceanias as well as at events globally especially in Europe

NEMTB club members are currently involved in all these levels so if you have any questions just ask as there is a race event going on somewhere most weekends

Please note that the below calendar is subject to change.  Make sure you check it regularly.

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