2013 GNaTPACK Series

The GNaTPACK is a series of interclub events between the following clubs located in the Mid North Coast. The dates are as follows. See the individual clubs for further details.

Sunday 7 April – Nambucca – “Jacks Ridge” - Nambucca Valley Cycle Club -http://www.facebook.com/groups/128788060473893/

Sunday 19 May - Taree – “The Tip” - http://mgltipriders.asn.au/


DOUBLE HEADER Weekend 22 & 23 June

Saturday 22 June- Coffs Harbour  - “Cows with Guns” - http://www.coffsharbourcycleclub.org.au/

Sunday 23 June – Grafton - Grafton Cycle Club- http://www.graftoncycleclub.com.au/?page_id=242


DOUBLE HEADER Weekend – 6 & 7 July

Saturday 6 July – Kempsey - http://www.facebook.com/groups/86000738800/

Sunday 7 July - Port Macquarie - http://www.hvmbr.com/


Sunday 25 August – Armidale – New England Mountain Bikers Inc - http://www.nemtb.com.au/where-to-ride/armidale-pine-forest

General information

Set categories for 2013

> U15

> U17

> U19

> 20-29

> 30-39

> 40-49

> 50-59

> open

> Age categories relate to the age you turn by December 31 in that year. e.g., if the race is on 6 July, and the competitor is aged 49 but turns 50 on the 8th of October then they race in the 50-59 age group. For anyone setting the race up in MTBA Register Now, the default option is for age at race date. This can easily be changed to the age at 31st December by the club administrator setting up the race. We do this to prevent a rider having to change age groups during the year, which would disadvantage that rider.


> Cost is to be $20 for seniors and $10 for juniors. on the day entries are $40 for seniors and $20 for juniors. This should be advertised with all race details. This little penalty is to help reward riders who enter in advance – which significantly reduces the sign-on work and helps clubs plan for facilities needed on race day.


> Open entries 4 weeks prior to race through Register Now. The host club should publicize as much info about the race as possible by this time including format, lap length, registration and start times, starting order, categories (see above) etc.

All participating clubs will then promote each round to their members.

Results should be published within 48hrs where possible and distributed to all participants by email and other clubs


> Club pointscore – we will have a club pointscore with a champion club announced at the end of the series. Bragging rights and a trophy are the prize. As part of race rego, riders should nominate their club. The first 5 places in each category will be allocated points with 1st place getting 5 points and 5th place getting 1 point.


> A Facebook page or group for GNaTPACK will be set up by Jamie and a rep from each club will be given administrator access. This site should contain details for each round, results and pointscore published here as well.


> Free tshirt-s for people who compete at at least 5 races in the series. Each club to contribute an equal amount to the cost. Jayson will organize the shirts.


> Each club should have a fallback date set 2 weeks after the race date in case of postponement. If a race is to be postponed, it must be done no later than 5pm on the Friday prior to the race. All registered riders must be contacted by email or txt and participating clubs notified.Set categories


Clubs are strongly urged NOT TO SCEDULE EVENTS ON SCHEDULED GNaTPACK RACE DAYS. This includes scheduling races, major club rides and social rides. These will deter some riders from attending GNaTPACK Rounds. If all clubs concur with this ideal then participation rates and revenue will be improved at every round. If your club sees no value in so doing then it is reasonable to question the club’s commitment to the series for 2014.