2014 Walcha NIXCS/Winter Series

Combined NIXC Race 3 and NEMTB Winter Series Race 4 – Walcha – 20th July 2014

This is a map of the new track at Walcha that Chris, Jack, Caz and Speedy have been slaving over in preparation for its inaugural race to be held on Sunday 20th July 2014. The track is a sweet 8.6 km loop. For more details on the track and to check out what time you need to knock Chris Feltham off the KOM board, follow the above link.

Online Registration is open now at https://www.registernow.com.au/mtba/ERegister.aspx?E=2005 until 8pm on Saturday or you can register on the day from 9am on Sunday morning.

There will be a Dirt Masters event at 10 am and the main race starts at 10:30 am. For NEMTB riders who have already paid the full Winter Series race fees, the event is free.  Otherwise entry fees will be $20 for adult riders and $10 for junior riders.  Non MTBA members will need to purchase a $20 day licence to race.

The race format will be a cross country format with the following categories and lap requirements;

Dirt Master Separate event at starting at 10 am.

U15 – 2 Laps

U17 – 3 Laps

U19 – 4 Laps

Open – 4 Laps

Masters – 3 Laps

Sports – 2 Laps

The age group is based on the age you turn in 2014. Competitors can race up one grade. To control maximum race time junior riders may not be allowed to complete all their laps.

For any queries please contact Chris at mountainmotors@bigpond.com.au