2011 Summer Series - Race 8

Post date: Jun 13, 2011 1:35:50 AM

Fast times for final Summer Series NEMTB Race

The rain stayed away at last for the 8th and final New England Mountain Bikers (NEMTB) Summer Series race at the Pine Forest on Monday.  36 mountain bikers, cheered on by an ever-increasing group of onlookers, raced around the 2.3 km track.  With the track dry and smooth, many people put in personal best performances. 

Lisa Harris won the Open Female race from Barb Hosking and Nina Stone.  Nina showed how her times can be improved with a lighter bike borrowed from a friend.  She surely be seen on a new bike soon. 

The Open male race was the fastest race of the season with 8 riders making it around for 6 laps before time was up.  Dave Harris won (again) from Peter Hosking.  Murray Scowen and Steve Chapman had a great tussle from start to finish for 3rd with Murray finishing the stronger.  Other males to ride 6 laps were John Hamilton, Ben Harris and Peter Harris. 

Holly Harris rode a great race to win the Under 19 female race.  Fiona Brunckhorst was second.  It will be interesting to see which of these two riders will be the faster over the longer winter series races. 

The Under 19 Male division was yet again dominated by Ben Brunckhorst , who easily completed 6 laps, with Sam Hutton second and Clarry Butcher third. 

The Junior Long Course race has been renamed the “Michael Harris Show” after he smashed his previous best to ride 5 laps for the first time and win easily.  Zac Hooper, who has been improving all year, was second with Katherine Hosking third. 

There were only two riders who did the Junior Short Course race with Hugh Fletcher winning from Liam Lamb. 

There was a presentation at the conclusion of the Junior race with Medals presented to the top riders in the 12 and under division over the whole Summer Series of races.  Well done to all these young Mountain Bike Champions of the future. 

Here are the detailed results for all riders in Monday’s final Summer Series Race: 

Open Female Lisa Harris 4 laps 35:50, Barb Hosking 4 laps 40:49, Nina Stone 3 laps 37:57 

Open Male David Harris 6 laps 38:10, Peter Hosking 6 laps 39:16, Murray Scowen 6 laps 39:51, Steve Chapman 6 laps 40:03, John Hamilton 6 laps 40:59, Ben Harris 6 laps 41:18, Peter Harris 6 laps 41:31, Matt Benham 5 laps 36:54, Jim Meckiff 5 laps 36:56, Lorne Gurney 5 laps 38:21, Bill Perrottet 5 laps 38:36, David Lamb 5 laps 42:35, Michael Taylor 4 laps 42:36, Harry Michel 3 laps 24:04, Jake Obrien 3 laps 30:58 

U19 Female Holly Harris 5 laps 37:19, Fiona Brunckhorst 5 laps 38:31 

U19 Male Ben Brunkhorst 6 laps 39:02, Sam Hutton 5 laps 39:57, Clarry Butcher 5 laps 44:58, Edward Harland 4 laps 36:14,Fletcher Ward 4 laps 42:06, Robbie Butcher 4 laps 43:25, Peter Platts 3 laps 22:38 

Junior Long Course Michael Harris 5 laps 39:28, Zac Hooper 4 laps 40:47, Katherine Hosking 4 laps 45:26, Dan Lethbridge 3 laps 34:58, Isabella Hosking 3 laps 36:04, Will Reeves 3 laps 35:16, Remy Taylor 2 laps 46:04 

Junior Short Course            

Hugh Fletcher 6 laps 40:11, Liam Lamb 3 laps 49:35