Trail Status Update - Gonzo, Rola Retta & Iwata are CLOSED this week

Saturday 3 June

Today extensive work was undertaken by club members to complete the long awaited trail capping across the black-soil sections of Gonzo. 

As per social posts, the Project Gonzo trails (Gonzo, Rola Retta and Iwata) are closed this weekend while this critical work is undertaken. Riders will be turned away by club members completing this work, primarily to ensure the safety of riders while machinery is working the trails. 

Additionally, a decision has been made by the NEMTB committee to keep these trails closed this coming week to allow the capping material to dry out. Riding of these trails at the moment will damage the capping and all our efforts will be for nought. 

Please stay off the trails as sign-posted. The club will reopen the trails later this week.