Lucy's Leap - No worries!!!

Post date: Aug 6, 2011 8:27:28 AM

MC Single Traxs Platts has done it again! Bill has once again proven why he was the most nominated and awarded at the recent NEMTB Logies.

Following some serious engineering and sleepless nights Single Traxs Platts has finally achieved his ultimate goal – “To make the Piney’s Winter Series track rideable to ALL”.

Traxs’ final nemesis was Lucy’s Leap, a structure not made for the faint hearted and named after a bathing dog. Weeks of preparation leading to Ben Harris clear felling his block to supply the main bearers, James Harris lugging them with his beaut ute, Greg Manttan supplying the brawn, Matt Benham paparazzing all the action and most importantly Jo Benham supplying fresh baking to keep the troops going.

Now there’s a Lucy’s Leap for everyone and not just the adrenalin junkies. So if you’re new to MTBing come and race tomorrow knowing that you will be able to ride the entire track!!

Well done to everyone who helped with the build.

Lucy's Leap and the new B Line