Anyone for the Dark Side?

Post date: Apr 26, 2013 1:04:31 PM

No I’m not talking about skinny tyres, shaved legs or EPO ….. I’m talking coffee!

NEMTB have been lucky enough to have Altitude Coffee Roastery supporting our last two major mountain biking events (2012 Attitude @ Altitude and 2013 UNE 12 Hours In The Piney) supplying that quintessential freshly roasted and brewed coffee fix. But how dare I call this a fix when their coffee moves from being a mere drug to a work of culinary art. Darryl and his team have taken their art to a much higher level than just a caffeine fix. Even though I don’t shave my legs I still appreciate a fine coffee after or before a ride.

So I hear you saying, “I’m not so fond about a dark roasted coffee!”, well Altitude Coffee Roastery can help you there with their lighter blends. If the Light Side is more your thing I would recommend their single origin blend from PNG Kimel or you could just explain to one of their friendly staff what coffee you enjoy and you will have a bag of fresh roasted beans or a ground coffee to suit your coffee machine in moments. But if you’re not interested in being a barista just take a seat in their café, at 112 Dangar St, served with something sweet on the side.

NEMTB would like to thank Darryl and his team at Altitude Coffee Roastery for their support of mountain biking in the New England area.