Holly and Harry wish they were back in The Piney on some dry track!

Post date: Mar 3, 2012 11:22:13 AM

Holly and Harry headed south to the 4th round of the Awaba Real Insurance All Mountain and Gravity Cup, the final round of the national All Mountain Series. On their arrival Thursday night there was rain and more rain, that we have gladly missed out on. As Harry puts it the choice of the knobby tyres, over the fast slick dry pack tyres we’ve got use to, was a wise choice as the order of the weekend was mud and more mud.

For Friday’s short course, XCT, it was raining and very muddy, gone were the usual very fast flowing tracks that Awaba normally delivers. It’s hard to believe, considering our dry tracks, that it’s been hammering so hard in the south. Holly managed to take out 1st position from a very determined Emily Parks while Harry’s Yeti, shod with those chunky Knobby Nics, did the job with him coming second and only 6 sec behind first place!

On Saturday the rain had stopped but the track was still not pretty for the XCO (Olympic Cross Country) events. The Commissaire made the decision to reduce the number of laps for all the events by one lap to save equipment and the track. Holly started the day with her usual solid performance taking line honours and Harry repeated the performance in the afternoon by taking out 1st place!

The All Mountain Series round will be wrapped up on Sunday with a point to point (~20km) race.

Don’t forget to watch Cycle Central on SBS1 at 3 to 5pm Sunday for the coverage of last weekend’s Nationals held in Adelaide where Holly took out 1st place in the U19 XCO.