Slip N Dip needs YOU!!!! 2 pm Sunday 11 Dec - Piney

Post date: Dec 6, 2011 10:10:38 AM

The bridge Slip N Dip has lived up to its name, during heavy rains in the back of November, and been washed down river a few metres.

So it will be getting a nip n tuck. Below is an artist’s impression of what Bill’s modifications are going to look like. No issues with flood waters now!

In addition we will push to complete a new section of black arrow track to reduce the number of bridges we need. Tools needed; gloves, track rakes (club has a couple), whipper snippers, shovels and bikes.

Meet at the second entrance into the Armidale State Forest (The Piney) along Rockvale Rd (Summer Series entrance). It is 1.6km past the first turnoff into the Piney.