What a productive working bee at Fat Tyre Farm today!

Post date: Jun 15, 2013 11:48:40 AM

We had one huge morning at FTF today with eight dedicated NEMTB members heading out into the cold drizzly weather.

The big news of the day was that Bill Perottet bought along a mechanised post hole digger which allowed a total of 24 track markers to be installed. This was a major help with only a handful of posts having to be manually dug!

A big thanks to Bill Perottet, Paul Billings, Patrick and Steve Chapman, Steve Rumble, Dave and Cooper Mills, Dave and Shireen Brunckhorst and Greg Manttan as we managed to get about twice as much completed as we had expected!

Within a couple of weeks we expect the entire FTF to be permanently marked.

Don’t forget there is a race on tomorrow. With the departure of the rain and the wind blowing, we expect it will dry quickly. Check the web page at 12pm to confirm the latest conditions.

If you can’t head up for the race tomorrow you can ride it whenever you like. Please ensure that you follow the directions on the web and follow these important rules.

· Park outside FTF, to the right of the cattle grid,

· Ensure all gates are closed,

· Stay on the tracks.

Happy riding!