Fat Tyre Farm - Working Bee followed by Social Ride - Sunday

Post date: Dec 12, 2014 10:38:39 PM

Fat Tyre Farm Working Bee – 2:30 pm Sunday

Working bee at 2:30pm Sunday at Fat Tyre Farm. Jobs will be raking to remove branches/leaves and pruning. So please bring rakes and hands saw to prune. If you arrive a little late call 040 9292 310 for directions to the trail crew.

Following the working bee we will be having a social ride at FTF.

For directions to FTF see below.

Fat Tyre Farm Social Ride – 4pm Sunday

The social ride is free for NEMTB or MTBA members (MTBA or "8 Week Free Trial" please bring proof of membership) and $5 for non-members. Never been to FTF then come for a guided tour, tracks for all levels or riders.

So close the weekend out with some nice flowy mountain bike ride through Salmon Run or Soft Serve, click here for trail map.

Getting there - Starting from the Glen Innes Rd in Armidale head north 17.9km along the New England Hwy. Watch out for the old forestry saw on a post marking the required left hand turn, drive up 20m to the gate/grid. Parking for 6-8 cars can be found 30m to the left of the gate/grid. There is another gate right at the parking area to access FTF to the west.