Winter Series Race 7 - The Piney - 16 Sep - Backwards

Post date: Sep 1, 2012 6:19:44 AM

Figure - Harry learning to ride backward on Yeti last year.

Following some thought to mix up the Winter Series club races some bright spark came up with the idea of doing one race in reverse on the Green (5km low technical) and Black (11 km full) tracks. Due to the fact that the club member who suggested this would not let go of the idea the club just had to do it. This race will be run at our next Winter Series Race 7 on Sunday 16 Sep.

We will place markers (paint, logs or bunting) on the track on the Saturday before to make it easier but it would still be worth a ride beforehand.

To allow this to run smoothly the following changes will occur. See the below map as a reference.

Point 1 – Start The race will start in the standard Winter Series location access off Pine Forest Rd. A bulk start will head everyone up The Strip along the access road and not the single track. Heading up the hill will allow the riders to self seat before entering the forest. At the top of the road, just before the main gate, we will complete a hard dogleg turn into Big Dog’s Den, and will now be travelling in a reverse direction on the Black Track. Once you pass the start you then head right out to Wet End Wild section (Dire Straits, Decked Skinny, Bike On Dykes and Trotters Run).

Point 2 – Green Track/GKO II Following Trotter’s Run and approaching GKO II people riding the Green Track will head left which will take you back to Big Dog’s Den to finish a reverse lap. Riders completing the full Black Track will head over GKO II and towards Spicks ’n’ Specks.

Points 3 to 5 only affect Black Track riders.

Point 3 – Angry Eyes bypass Try the B Line on Angry Eye’s in reverse and you realise why we bypassed this icon? So at the top of Specks ’n’ Specks you come to a junction of five tracks. Instead of continuing in a reverse direction onlong the Black Track take the last left onto the Yellow Track, in a reverse direction (going up the hill and not down on the structures). This will take you to the top of the main hill where you can then choose to go down The Crows Nest A or B Lines onto Rooty Hill.

Point 4 – Free Air Instead of heading over the last section of single track at the top of the hill we will follow the fire trail around to the left and then rejoin around the corner 40m along.

Point 5 – Entering Pine Cone Chaos The A Line will be blocked off as it is practically unrideable. Once through this section head into Big Dogs Den for a reverse lap.

See the normal Winter Series page for all other details.