Winter Series Race 5 Sunday 7th August 2011

Post date: Aug 8, 2011 5:26:40 AM

The fifth race in the NEMTB Winter Series was held at the Armidale Pine Forest on Sunday. Thirty riders started the event with clean clothes and bikes with the track fast and dry. An hour or two later they ended the race muddy and mostly smiling after heavy rain and even hail caused the track to become muddy and slippery.

In the Open Men’s division over 3 laps, Peter Hosking rode well early to open up a lead over John Hamilton and Steve Chapman. However, Hamilton and Chapman finished strongly in the muddy conditions to come first and second respectively. Hamilton won by just three seconds to Chapman with Hosking third. James Harris was riding strongly before he slid off one of the flat bridges. His front wheel is now badly bent after it hit a muddy bank.

In the open women’s race, Jo Benham continued her fine return to racing with a great ride over her three laps. Second was Rowena Stockton.

In the Sport section for women, Shireen Brunckhorst won from Lisa Harris and Barb Hosking. Fiona Brunckhorst dominated the Women’s U19 race. This was despite her loosing a pedal on her way around. She later found it attached to her shoe.

In the women’s U15 race, Kathryn Hosking won from Emily Wooster and Winona Rumble. Isabella Hosking was riding well in this division until her bike somehow ended up in the creek! Isabella can be commended for retrieving her bike and completing her lap.

In the U19 race Peter Platts and Ben Brunckhorst finished together with Edward Harland not far behind. In the U15 race Jeremy Halliday won with Scott McMaster second.

The next race at the Pine Forest is the Attitude at Altitude race. This is the 7th and final leg of the Mid North Series (GNATPaCK) where races have been held at Grafton, Nambucca, Taree, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Armidale. This big race will be held on the 18th September with many riders from the coast coming up. Check out all the details on the website

FULL LIST OF RESULTS Winter Series Sunday 7th August 2011

Open Men (3 laps): John Hamilton 01:32:39, Steve Chapman 01:32:42, Peter Hoskings 01:33:21, Greg Manttan 01:46:33, Stewart Metherington 01:52:52, Bernie Martin 02:02:50, Bill Platts 02:10:31, Steve Rumble (2 laps) 01:01:23, Richie Hardman (2 laps) 01:24:46, Simon Louis (2 laps) 01:49:14, Peter Harris (1 lap) 00:32:56, James Harris (1 lap) 00:43:58

Open Women (3 laps): Jo Benham 01:53:35, Rowena Stockton (2 laps) 01:19:09

Women Sport: (2 laps) Shireen Brunkhorst 01:25:03, (1 lap) Lisa Harris 00:42:10

Barb Hosking 00:43:36, Megan Wooster 00:57:09, Nina Stone 01:00:44

Women U19 (1 lap): Fiona Brunkhorst 00:43:55

Women U15 (1 lap): Kathryn Hosking 00:40:52, Emily Wooster 00:56:36, Winona Rumble 01:05:21, Bella Hosking 01:00:58

Men U19 (2 laps): Ben Brunkhorst 01:07:35, Peter Platts 01:07:34, Edward Harland 01:25:52

Men U15 (2 laps): Jeremy Halliday 01:29:31, Scott McMaster 02:10:29