Get Active - YES YOU!

Post date: Nov 5, 2011 1:34:50 AM

Chappo’s well organised third Get Active session was held in the Piney (Armidale State Forest) last Thurdsay, with a great turnout. There were riders of all levels out to have a crack. Harry (Dave Harris – qualified Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach) ran through a couple of lesson plans covering bike setup, riding drop offs, skinnys and seesaws. He managed to teach the technique to allow everyone to work up to and complete all these obstacles. There were loads of cheesy grins from people that never released that they could ever complete such technical structures. Nice work to everyone who really challenged themselves and Harry for being a great coach.

If you have missed the last couple of Get Active sessions make sure you’re there next Thursday at 5pm. We meet at the second entrance into the Armidale State Forest along Rockvale Rd (250m past the Tilbuster Ponds traffic bridge). If you’re not a NEMTB or Mountain Bike Australia member come along as the Armidale Sports Council are covering the cost of the day licence. If you’re under 18 please ensure you bring a parent so they can sign your consent form.