2011 Scott 24hr

Post date: Oct 9, 2011 6:20:54 AM

Quite a few NEMTB's headed down to Canberra to compete in this weekend's 2011 Scott 24 Hour.

The MTB Stiggs (Fiona, Ben, Holly and Peter) raced in the School Team of 8 category and finished 2nd and 45th overall. A great effort.

Harry competed in the Team of 4 Male 40 category in the Enduro Magazine team to finish 4th and 17th overall. This included Harry testing his theory that a square front wheel and carrying your bike on your shoulder is faster - apparently its not.

The Harris brothers and Dan N (team H.M.T.R. - Ben, James, Peter and Dan) managed a very smart 4th in the Team of 4 Males and 30th overall.

A huge effort by all! See the full links to the full results below.

H.M.T.R. - Ben, James, Peter and Dan The Man

Enduro Magazine - Harry

MTB Stigs - Fiona, Ben, Holly, Peter, Harry and Emily