The Latest News - UNE 12 Hours In The Piney – 10 March 2012.

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 11:31:01 AM

Sweet singletrack, pine forest magic awaits! Get your team together and register for 12 hours of mountain biking heaven!

Open Men Solo – Prize money 1st Place $500!

You heard it right! NEMTB has locked in $500 for 1st prize for the Open Men Solos. Get your entries in.

Early Bird Discount – Only 5 days to go!

Just a friendly reminder that the “Early Bird Discount” finishes midnight Sunday. This saves you $10 pp.

Ay-Up Will Light Your Way!

Battling to get a couple of pairs of lights together for your team? You’re in luck. Ay-Up Lighting Systems have made 10 demo pairs available for those who are quick. To book a pair email . Once your booking is confirmed you will need to complete your full registration with 48 hours or they will go back in the pool.

Sore Muscles!

Following a few hot laps you will be able to chill and relax with a professional massage. More details on the day.

The Piney is go!

After lots of track fairy hours we have one very sweeeet race track all marked (black arrows). So far the fastest male lap has been 33:05min and 37:38min for the girls. Please close the gate while practicing, it will be open for the race. Check out the track map and description here.

More Info clickhere