2013 Winter Social Series - World Cup Comes to Kooka - 10/6/13

Post date: Jun 10, 2013 10:57:40 AM

The long weekend social ride proved to be a grueling contest that even our international guests found challenging. Dan McConnell (Michael Harris) returned to his 1st World Cup form to pump out the fastest lap. Nino Schurter (Harrison Munday) must have had tired legs after his stunning performance in Nove Mesto, taking out second fastest lap. The surprise of the day was 3rd fastest lap which was taken out by a spectator (Greg Mantann)!!!

Congratulations to team HAH (Harrison, Anthony and Hugh) who took out the day.

Best dressed on the day was Harrison Munday, Hugh Munday, Michael Harris and Greg Mantann. Greg also supplied the only "noise" for the day which was admirably taken over by Will Schmude in his absence.

Special mention needs to go to George Schmude who conquered Kookaburra Crest today. Good job! Also, dad Damien needs to be congratulated on preforming the only duathlon of the day. He not only rode but ran the course several times - not sure what this training is for???

Last but not least Skip Killen needs to be commended on now owning the Skinny, it only took him about 6 goes but perseverance prevailed in the end. The commissaire was a little worried about some of the lines Skip took but in the end no tape was crossed so all was good.

Finally a big thanks to Pete Harris for the course preparation and keeping the contest on track. We particularly enjoyed James Harris' take on the good old fashioned push up.

Thanks everyone that participated. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.


Laps ( In order for person but not team )