What beats opening Jim’s Gate?

Post date: Oct 1, 2012 10:38:24 AM

The track fairies have been busy out at The Piney again. I reckon that this time they used a full 1 kilo sack of fairy dust on this master piece. Now I’m sitting here I wish I had paced out the ride length of this impressive fence roll over structure, but from a guess I would say 15m at least – it is lonnnngggggggg!

Check out the below video of a small tribe of NEMTB members running a chain over it.

A huge thanks goes to Bill Platts who quietly planned, prepared and installed without even a little murmur. I hear that Gregatron also put in a solid days work in the drizzly rain on Saturday and thank you to anyone else who assisted!

No longer do we have to open “Jim’s Gate”, even though it is a very nice gate. The A liners hit the roll over and just go along and along and along. In saying that we had a “B liner” in our commissioning team and they mastered it very quickly. For those who just enjoy their time in The Piney with zero risk the existing (Green Track) slot through the fence will be the “B line”.

Like all new structures please slow down and check it out before your first attempt.

Bill we are one lucky club having you!