Inaugural New England Mountain Bike Orienteering Event - 9am Sunday 23rd November

Post date: Nov 19, 2014 7:24:18 PM

Hello and welcome to the inaugural New England MTBO event!

Mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) combines the skills of map reading, route choice decisions and bike riding ability. It can be both a competitive sport as well as an active outdoor recreational activity.

Using a detailed, customised map that shows terrain features as well as the road, track and path networks, competitors have to navigate between checkpoints (controls) making route choices on the best (fastest) way. Picking the best route choice that uses the fastest tracks and minimises the amount of climbing involved, is part of the challenge of competitive MTBO along with the ability to handle a bike over varying terrains.

Here is a map section from the western side of the Pine Forest (which is not being used on Sunday!) and a sample short course with 4 controls. The triangle is the start and the double circle is the finish. The number behind the control number is what you will find printed on the orange/white flag that is hung from the control stand and the electronic control unit. They allow you to verify that you are at the correct location.

To minimise following, competitors are started at least two minutes apart, except for mass start events. As an environmental safeguard, competitors may not leave defined paths and tracks except for open area (marked on the map in a light brown), which represent grassy, open areas where you may cross to another track. All controls are placed on obvious features such as track junctions, bends, gates or other landmarks..

Usually MTBO events are held in larger forests with a dense network of tracks. In our area the Armidale Pine Forest has got the tracks but is not particularly large. It is however the perfect venue to introduce our friends from the New England Mountain Bike club to a bit of Orienteering, whilst we can learn from them how we control our bikes safely on small and rough tracks.

The Event










Sunday, 23 November 2014

9:30 am to 11am, registration starts approximately 9am

Armidale Pine Forest – South East corner

From Armidale take the Rockvale road and travel for approx. 6km, past the initial two turn-offs to the Pine Forest. Take a right turn into Pine Forest road and follow it for approx. 600m where the main road bends left, follow the minor track on the right for another 500m. There will be Orienteering signs to assist with directions

Parking is inside the pine forest along the southern fence and along the pine forest road. Please follow directions of parking officials.

There are no toilets nearby, also no water, please make sure you carry enough water, as the forecast predicts a warm day! NEMTB promised to put on a BBQ after the event, so please stay afterwards and mingle!

There will be two courses:

8.1km Moderate MTBO course, 15 controls

3.7km Easy MTBO course, 9 controls, for less experienced riders and juniors

$7 per person, includes your map and hire of SI (timekeeping) device

Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club

Members of the public, especially the members of NEMTB are welcome to attend but must fill-in and sign our registration form to be covered under the policy of the club’s insurer.


Some general rules include:

  • Stick to marked roads, tracks and trails. You can leave paths in open grassy areas, marked in light brown on the map.

  • Keep out of 'Out-of Bounds' areas, marked with purple vertical lines on the map.

  • Render assistance to other riders in the event of an accent.

  • Ride defensively and in control at all times.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday!


Felix Burkhard

Event Organiser

Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club

0412 389 173