How to get live coverage of the U19 and U23 at the 2016 World Championships

Post date: Jul 1, 2016 10:53:07 AM

The following process will allow you to watch the Czech TV station’s live CT Sports channel which is covering the following World Champ events. Obviously you will need a high speed internet to steam the HD footage and their commentary will be in Czech so you will need to watch live results on

The above was from the following UCI document - (

The web address you will watch online is

If you do this without having a VPN provider it will come up with a message in the middle of the streaming window saying that you can’t watch as this is only for local region or something like that in Czech.

So you need to subscribe to a VPN which will make CT Sport streaming server think you are located in the Czech Republic.

I have just subscribed to for US$16.95 for a month.

You need to find the deal that states that you can unsubscribe after a month. If you go for the cheaper options, you are signing up for a year’s subscription. Please read all of the fine print but as far as I can see you can cancel after a month – it’s at your risk.

Order the one-month option, follow the registration and payment approach.

If you pay with PayPal it may come up with an error stating that you haven't entered your state. Just select VISA/Master Card and fill out only your address and then select to pay with PayPal again.

Once registered you will end up getting an email with a shortcut to download the program on your computer and a product key to active the program once running.

When the program is running on your computer you enter the product key and then select any of the Czech servers on the list and connect. Once the program states it has connected go back to your browser and you should now be able to watch the live streaming of CT Sport -

Anyway, hope this helps.