Code of Conduct

You can help maintain trails and healthy mountain biking culture by following these guidelines

Respect the environment:

  • Ride only on trails marked for mountain biking or main access roads

  • All riders are to stay on the trails

  • Always enter an area through a formal entry point

  • Stay off muddy trails after rain

  • Pack out what you carry in

  • Don’t disturb wildlife

  • Keep your bike clean, don’t spread weeds

  • Don’t move rocks, logs or change the trail

  • Control your bike and stay on the trail

  • Don’t skid as this can cause damage

Respect Others:

  • Respect other trail users

  • Expect someone may be around the next corner

  • Slow approach to others

  • Announce your presence to others

  • Pass with care

  • Ride in small groups

  • Control your speed

  • Train when the trails are not busy

Respect yourself:

  • Always wear a helmet and safety gear

  • Ride within your ability

  • Expect foreseeable risks

  • Stay hydrated

  • Plan your ride

  • Carry tools and spares

  • Pack a first aid kit

  • Take a mobile phone

If you meet other trail users who are not following this code, politely explain to them that only by keeping to its guidelines can we ensure that mountain bike riding remains an accepted recreational pursuit in bush land and forest areas.