“Le Tour de Dale” Social Event – Sunday 8 July 2018

Post date: Jun 26, 2018 11:47:26 AM

Join us for the inaugural “Le Tour de Dale”!!

To coincide with the start of the real “Tour” we are holding a social “Le Tour de Dale” ride.

And just like the real thing we will be riding many stages, but going one better!!

We will be riding all the stages on the ONE DAY!!

We will depart from and return to the Armidale City Bowling Club.

Participants can choose from either the Cruiser or Shredder Categories.

Cruisers will cruise through the day by completing one lap of each of the tracks, where as Shredders will be required to complete two laps of each track.

Details are as follows:

Meet at the Armidale Bowling Club at 8.45am for 9am departure.

Ride to the Pine Forest - along Taylor Street (gentle hill) and then on the bike path along Rockvale Road to the first Piney Gate. Ride along the gravel rolad to the creek crossing. At the gate after the creek crossing, Shredders will ride 2 laps of the black loop plus Where’s Wally, starting with Bullocks run, Cruisers will have the option of 1 lap of the black loop plus Where’s Wally, or a green loop plus Where’s Wally (ride up the fire road – left after the gate – to the Piney Carpark and start the green loop)

Ride to Kookaburra Crest – leave the Pine Forest the way you came in via the Creek Crossing and the gravel road and follow the bike path back up the hill towards town. At the top of the hill turn right into Stoney Ridge Road and follow this until you reach the New England Highway, cross the Highway carefully!!! and follow Link Road until you reach the bike/pedestrian path on your left (Scholes Street). This will take you on the underpass and you will come our at Duval High School. Take a left turn and then a right on the road and follow Crest Road down to the top of Kookaburra Crest. Cruisers complete 1 lap, Shredders 2 laps.

Ride to SportUNE Mountain Bike Trails – ride back up Crest Road and turn left into Erskine Street at the roundabout. Ride along Madgwick Drive to the SportUNE MTB Trail head - and you have probably guessed it…………………………….

Cruisers – 1 lap

Shredders – 2 laps of the Kermit plus the Poplars Loop

Then it’s a cruisy ride back along the town bike path to the Bowlo for lunch approx. between 12 and 1pm ish.

All are welcome but bookings are essential!

PS: For those who need to know the stats:

24km riding between MTB tracks

12 km Black track plus Where’s Wally

1.2km Kookaburra

3.4km SportUNE Kermit plus Poplars Loop

Rough total for Cruisers: 40.6km

Rough total for Shredders: 57.2km