UNE 12 Hours In The Piney Track Report

Post date: Mar 17, 2013 10:32:34 AM

Harry using his new visualisation technique prior to a real run over the "The Rock" B Line!

Following a huge busy bee this morning The Piney is riding very well. All dry and some great new track through the TSR to the Charleston Willow facilities. Thanks to everyone who assisted!

NEMTB held last Monday afternoon’s Summer Series Race 6 on the new section loop through the TSR and Charleston Willows. Let’s just say that there was a solid buzz at the end of each race. There was a great mix of challenges and varied riding. The big hit was obviously “The Rock” with its AA, A and B lines with sweet time advantages for the gamer riders – that truly spiced up the races. “The Weir” - well it was just made for riding. “The Boardwalk” - everyone likes a long section of decking along a river. “West Bank” - narrow single track in amongst the poplars.

A couple of stats. “The Rock” is full of choices well worth a few repeats on Friday to master the A and AA lines. The AA is 5 second faster than the A and the A is 15 second faster than the B – decisions!!!

So come out to The Piney next weekend and race an event that has been prepared and run by a club that just likes riding and building track – NEMTB.

While you’re up here checkout some of the other tracks around town such as Kookaburra Crest, Sport UNE, Fat Tyre Farm (FTF) or Robbers Run (especially if you have someone who can shuttle you for a few runs)! See the link for more information on these tracks, http://www.nemtb.com.au/where-to-ride .