The NEW and IMPROVED Santorini B Line

Post date: Jan 4, 2014 3:53:34 AM

The first of many working bees has been completed this morning in preparation for the 2014 UNE12 Hours In The Piney which will be held on 22nd March.

After lots of feedback back relating to the time penalty associated with the B Line on the initial Santorini climb, the track crew headed out and installed a new and improved B Line which we expect will dramatically shorten the time penalty and hopefully remove the constant chatter in regards to reducing the technical challenge associated with the challenging A Line.

So the new and improved B line leaves The Ice Run approximately 10m before the A line onto a brand new slick deck. Then there are three switch backs adding to the tracks name sake before you re-enter the Santorini main track. Note that the switch backs and track haven’t yet been ridden and as it very dry at the moment it is a little soft and spongy - bring on the rain! So I’m am sure there will be a few mods to make it more rideable as we continue to work on this section of the track.

There was also a significant amount of pruning and grass trimming completed during the working bee.

A big thanks to Steve and Patrick Chapman, Michael and Emily Wooster, The Hoskings, Dave Harris, Paul Whitford, Paul Billings and Trevor Weston who put in a solid couple of hours as the heat was setting in.