old club championship rules

The Club Championship is the culmination of our two main race series being the Summer Series held in the first school term of each year and the Winter series held monthly from May onwards.

Summer Series & Winter Series

Points are allocated based on category and position for each race completed in the series with the highest point scorer becoming the series champion (based on Category).

The overall point score for the series will be determined by totalling the points achieved in each race minus the worst two results of the Summer Series and worst two results of the Winter series per competitor (This is assuming series participants race all events and it is an attempt to make some compensation for those occasions when a competitor's absence from one or two races is unavoidable - sickness, other racing commitments, other commitments in general. A series competitor will be awarded 0 points for any race in which they do not participate).

Competitors should try to compete in the same category throughout a series to avoid points being split between Categories.

Junior riders may ride up one age category with the consent of their parents. Juniors who wish to race in categories outside this description need to discuss this with the club coach and race commissaire.

Club Championship Determination

The club champions, Male and Female, will be determined using a combination of series results as well as the results in other club and race events with the final decision being that of the club executive.