All NEMTB merchandise can be purchased at any club race


The jerseys are high quality produced by Astro Visual who have cycling history of both road riding and mountain biking dating back to the early 1980s, Their mission is to continually strive to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive pricing possible, designs our customers love, not just accept, and deliver our services with friendly, personal customer interaction to make the experience enjoyable, rewarding to keep ‘Life In Motion’.

3 options are available and we will let you know when we will be doing another order.

MTB Jersey: This is a ‘relaxed fit’ jersey with a V-neck, side breathable panels and one rear zip pocket for more information, refer to their website

Size Charts: Unisex MTB/Trail Jersey Size Chart - Sizes 5XS to 5XL
Womens MTB/Trail Jersey Size Chart - Sizes 3XS to 5XL

Club Cut: This is refers a relaxed, but still form fitting garment. This jersey has a full front zipper, silicon waist gripper, reflective rear strip and 3 rear pockets. For more information refer to their website.

Size Charts: Unisex XC/Road Jersey Size Chart - Sizes 4XS to 4XL
Womens XC/Road Jersey Size Chart - Sizes XS to 7XL

Race Cut: Race fit refers to the contour/snug, form-fitting comfort provided by this jersey. Race fit garments are designed to be lightweight, highly breathable and aerodynamic to help you slip through the air at speed. For more refer to their information website

Size Charts: Mens/Unisex XC/Road Jersey Size Chart - Sizes S to 4XL
Womens XC/Road Jersey Size Chart - Sizes 2XS to 3XL

Orders & Cost: Orders need to be done as a group order within a minimum of a preferred cut. Costs are to be confirmed but are approximately $60- MTB jersey, $85- Club Cut and $150- for Race Cut.

Please contact the cub secretary ( if interested in being part of our next order.

Other club merchandise

Club Bottles: We have BOA (Bottles of Australia) water bottles with the club logo printed on them. The bottles are "lucid translucent" with red lids and hold 650ml. These are $10 ea.

T-Shirts: There is a choice of either black or 'blacker' and come in mens, womens and kids cuts. The price for these cool shirts is $25. You can pick up a t-shirt at any club event or by contacting one of the committee members.

UNE 12 Hours in the Piney Socks: Do you need another pair of the coolest socks in New England? We have a few spares for $15.

Winter Hoodies: Our awesome winter hoodies are great when the temperatures are starting to drop. We have a number of childrens sizes ranging from 10 to 14 and adults unisex sizes (Large only left) Cost is $50.