SportsUNE Trail Head Upgrade

Post date: Jul 12, 2014 12:21:33 PM

The progress with the SportsUNE new trail head is going very well mainly due to the serious volunteer hours of David Brunckhorst, Bill Platts, Paul Whitford, Paul Billings, Zig (Dingo) and Ross Burgess (excavator) from Rossbuild Construction. This week has seen the last of the major berms being formed up by Ross in some very bony ground which would have been very difficult to dig manually.

It is getting to the point that material will be brought in to cap the difficult rocky sections and then considerable manual hours with hoes and rakes will be needed to form and compact the track. Following this work the track will need to settle and compact before we can ride on it. The reason for this is that the track is being built to ensure that it drains water quickly so that erosion doesn’t occur.

In the last few weeks the new section of track has been trialled by eager riders keen to check it out. Unfortunately in places this has left many deep wheel ruts that then turn into drains that move rainwater along the track rather than across it. The track crew have put in many hours to remove the wheel ruts. So we need to close the trail to cyclists to allow the surface to harden and maximise the efficiency of the precious volunteer hours.

If you are interested in assisting the trail build please contact Dave Brunckhorst or Bill Platts (0437578065) first to ensure that your works are not in vain or causing other issues. A lot of thought has gone into this trail design.

So please remember that this trail remains closed for riding. If you are keen to have a look leave your bike on the current trail ahead and walk up the hill check out this work of art that is being produced.