Trail Maintenance


The trails across each of the ride areas managed by the club need regular maintenance. NEMTB regularly organises working bees as needed to maintain trails and prepare for upcoming events. However, club members and other volunteers regularly ask and undertake trail maintenance on their own time.

Please following the following guidelines if working by yourself.

  1. Only undertake low risk trail maintenance activities including pruning, whipper snipping, mowing and drainage works.

  2. Do not use trail maintenance as an excuse to realign, alter or build additional tracks and trail features. Please contact the club if you feel this is required.

  3. During pruning, do not remove any trees or branches over 20mm in diameter. Often trees on the side of tracks define the trail location, keeping people on the trail and even adding a technical component.

  4. During drainage works, do not remove large rocks or features. These provide a technical component to the trail and we don't want them super smooth. Please contact the club if you feel this is required.

  5. High risk activities (e.g. use of chainsaws or machinery, realignment or new trails) need to be reviewed and organised by the NEMTB committee. Please contact the club if you have any questions on these activities.


The club maintains a register of all trail maintenance activities. This allows us to know what work has been completed and by whom.

Each time you undertake trail maintenance, please complete this form before you start.