2014 A@A Track working bee thank you!

Post date: Aug 16, 2014 7:44:04 AM

David Harris (“Harry”) has mapped out an XCO track for the 2014 A@A (31 August) using parts of the Piney Yellow and Black Tracks, forest access roads and the tracks in and out of Charleston Willows. Our job today was to get it ready. Paul B, Steve R., Andrew, Joe, Matt, Angus, Emily, Harry and Peter Ho. cleared the track of forest litter, low branches, dead grass etc. Greg hit it with the leaf blower and removed thousands of pieces of chewed up pinecones left by the black cockatoos.

The track was very messy in places. Harry and Andrew also remodeled one gnarly corner into something much more pleasant to ride. David B., Shireen, Calvin and Zig (with the Dingo) transformed what was a problematic section of track near the bridge underpass into something fast and flowy by remodeling the bends and berms. You beauty!

I put up some treated pine boards that will be used to hold the track arrow signs for this and future events. The very good turnout meant that teams were able to head to different parts of the track to tackle particular tasks and the job was done remarkably quickly. The rain was just starting to be heavy when Greg finished the leafblowing and we put the finishing touches on the new berms. Thank you to all involved. It is really good to have the track in such good shape well before the event and before the wet weather set in. We are now looking forward to riding this custom XCO track and being part of the competition on the 31st.

Written by Bill Platts