2014 GNaTPACK Round 3 - Taree - 29 June 2014

Post date: Jun 29, 2014 8:13:51 AM

A large NEMTB contingent travelled to Taree for Round 3 of the GNaTPACK Series on Sunday June 29th. After the cold, wet, windy tablelands it was great to bask in the sunny day. There was even some snow near Walcha for travellers on Sunday morning. The track at Kiwarrak (pronounced "kye-warrick") State Forest was perfect with nothing too technically difficult for less-experienced riders and the challenge of trying to ride as fast as possible for the seasoned ones. In places the track goes through cool, shady rainforest and that added interest to the ride. Several people commented how good it was that many of the approx 110 riders were kids and women.

For the group: Steve Rumble; Lisa, David, Holly and Mick Harris; Megan, Michael, Emily and Harry Wooster; June, Paul, Ali and Laura Billings; Chris, Jack and Sam Feltham; Bernie, Fiona, Josh and Nick Chisholm; Peter, Barb, Katherine and Bella Hosking; Jenny and Bill Platts, there was the pleasure of catching up with Glen, Sonya, Rueben and Summer Mobbs who now live nearby. For the Hosking family, a "hiccup" with fuel meant that they had to leave the 4WD at the servo and ride out to the track. There may be better ways to do a pre-race warm up!

Bourkes Bicycles of Taree generously provided a GoPro "lucky door" prize for online entrants and helped Maxxis provide $1000 worth of merchandise for participation prizes. Not many people went home empty handed! Thank you to Chad Vowles, Peter Matuszny and all of the Manning Great Lakes Tip Riders for putting on such a well-run, family-oriented event.

As Jenny and I drove away we felt really satisfied to have been part of such an enjoyable race. We had ridden a really pleasant track, caught up with many of our GNaTPACK friends and experienced the bitter-sweet pleasure that comes from knowing that once again the club's younger riders had totally outclassed us. We look forward to GNaTPACK Round 4 at Grafton on 27th July.

Bill Platts

Full race results here