“Get Active Armidale” brings out the families

Post date: Oct 15, 2012 11:11:19 AM

Photo ; David Harris (Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach) and John Murrell (Newcastle Permanent) wrap up the first Get Active Armidale event held at Kookaburra Crest.

Kookaburra Crest came alive with mountain biking (MTB) tuition with the first of the Monday 4:30pm Get Active Armidale programs.

There was a great turn of all ages with a strong family involvement with lot of mums and dads joining the children to learn a few essential MTB skills. This week Level 1 MTB coach Dave Harris and his two apprentices, Greg Manttan and Peter Harris pushed the boundaries by focusing on three separate cornering classes; off camber corners, banked berms and flat turns.

A wise and highly educated rider was heard to say, “The spirit of the event and quality of the coaching was exceptional”. I heard a lot of praise from numerous other students.

All the participants appreciated John Murrell from Newcastle Permanent for not only sponsoring the Get Active Armidale events but also handing out lots of Newcastle Permanent drink bottles. In addition to the superb teachers (Dave Harris, Peter Harris and Greg Manttan) we would also like to thank Alex Kentish from Armidale Sports Council for the organisation required for the Get Active Armidale program.

For more information on the NEMTB Get Active Armidale Monday activities on the 22, 29 Oct and 5 Nov click here.

For more pictures taken during the event follow this link to our Facebook page.