2014 Summer Series Race 1 - NEMTB Royalty Galore!!!!

Post date: Feb 3, 2014 10:03:30 AM

If you weren’t at the first Summer Series race of the season, you missed the NEMTB Royalty!!! Yes three quarters of the executive who started our great club attended. Not only was there our usual celeb John Scott-Hamilton but also Stephen Rugendyke and Gary Eastment!!!!! But don’t fear if you missed seeing these icons of NEMTB they are forming a Royal Team and coming back to reclaim the 2014 UNE 12 Hours In The Piney!

Kookaburra looked great after its haircut over the weekend. The Harris boys kept the crowds going styling up some air on the table top. Harry was warming up his vocal chords with some smooth flowing commentary obviously now realising that he has less than 7 weeks to be ready for his 12 hour marathon behind the mic at the 2014 UNE 12 Hours In The Piney.

A total of 55 riders had a crack at the half hour sweet fest. The first race saw a very strong field and a fantastic tussle for places. It had a massive field start with lots of people pushing hard in the sultry summer afternoon. It was great to see the three girls; Emily Wooster, Isabella Hosking and Sonya Wrenford-Mobbs forming a strong train. New rider Jack Wake from Walcha, after picking himself up following an over-the-bars experience, pushed back to take the lead in the males on the closing laps of Race 1.

Well done to all the Dirtmasters who preserved with the heat and to the new riders joining the mountain biking scene.

In the second race, Michael Harris tramped his dad David Harris and the remaining field with a very convincing win and the only rider to achieve 9 laps EVER!! . Jack Feltham, another U17, followed Dave in for third. In the girls “Race 2” Holly Harris took out first place (6th overall) with Katherine Hosking taking second place and a very respectable 13th place overall, she may have even just beaten her old man in by a second or two (more like 13.5 seconds). Jo Benham came in third. It was great to see such dominant juniors placing well and mixing with the faster seniors.

Next week’s the Summer Series Race 2 will be at the SportUNE mountain bike trails. Meet at the car park under the willow tree.

9 Laps? That's Ridiculous! Great riding everyone!

Race 1

Race 2