2013 G-BomB 12 Hour

Post date: Nov 11, 2013 8:53:12 AM

Kirby Knowles competing in the 12 Hour Open Women Solo

Once again the Grafton crew had been busy prepping a 10km section of track in the Bom Bom State Forest for the 2013 G-BomB 12 Hour. This time the minor amount of fire track used last year had completely disappeared and a few kms of new single track had been added. Additionally, the circuit was run in a reverse direction, which worked well, still providing an über flowy track that we have come to expect from the Grafton Crew. The direction change provided some interesting step-up “A lines” as you rode the jumps backwards.

In addition to the new track the prep was exceptional and taken to a much higher level. Most of the gum leaves were cleared with the help of a back burn or apparently two. The Bom Bom pea gravel that I had heard legendary stories about on how loose it was, and that it was the only track that holds a UCI accredited MTB Drift Competition, had also been blown off to leave a super slick and grippy surface.

Just under 20 NEMTB headed down to the G-BomB to compete, spectate or support other riders. The crew was met with some intense coastal climate with the day peaking at a rather warm 37C. Needless to say buckets of water, bags of ice, cold flannels and icy poles were the order of the day.

The highlight of the weekend was Kirby Knowles who competed in her first 12 hour solo at the 2012 G-BomB event and managed this time to take out the Open Women Solo with 12 laps.

The two junior teams Smokin Aces (Katherine Hosking, Josh and Nick Chisholm) and Thunder Ducklings (Isabella Hosking, Emily Wooster and Mick Harris) took out the 1st and 3rd positions respectively.

The Thunder Ducks (Fiona Chisholm, Megan Wooster, Barbs Hosking and Lisa Harris) managed to hold onto the Four Open Women 4th place while the Smooth Operators (Michael Wooster, Steve Rumble, Bernie Chisholm and Peter Hosking) clawed back the leaders 2/3 of the way through the race in the Four Open Male to take the win.

Once again the Grafton Crew put on a huge event which even with the tough climatic conditions was praised by all. So if you haven’t raced or ridden Bom Bom make a note on your electronic calendar for early October 2014 to check out the details of the 2014 G-BomB.