2012 Winter Series Race 7 - 16/9 (Everything was backwards!)

Post date: Sep 16, 2012 8:08:07 AM

There was something strange happening at the Armidale State Forest on Sunday September 16. Mountain Bike riders were seen in big numbers riding backwards! Well, to be more correct, the riders were riding the 12 k winter series track around the wrong way. It was certainly a different track anti-clockwise rather that the standard clockwise. Parts of the track that are normally easy were difficult and visa-versa. The idea was to give everyone a different experience. The race was a success, but rumors are that next time the direction will return to normal.

Conditions were perfect with many fast times recorded. Riders had the choice of racing around the full and technical black track, or the shorter, smoother and faster green track.

The winner of the Open Men’s race was David Harris who completed his 3 laps in a time of 1 hour 38 min 21 sec. Second, just 2 seconds behind, was Greg Manttan. Peter Hosking was third (1:42:31) with Steve Chapman forth (1:47:58), just in front of Steve Rumble.

In the Open Women’s race Jo Benham rode well to win with her 3 laps taking 2 hours 2 min.

In the 2-lap Sports categories, the women’s race was won by Shireen Brunckhorst (1:33:23) from Sonya Wrenford-Mobbs (1:35:17) and Nina Stone (1:40:08). The Men’s Sport race was taken out by Dave Brunckhorst (2 laps in 1:33:00) from Bill Platts (1:44:08).

The junior race (U15) for the boys was won by Michael Harris (2 laps in 1:18:44) from Angus Gasparri and Kayne Gasbarri. The girls race was won by the always impressive Katherine Hosking who rode her 2 laps in 1:21:42.

The women’s race around the green track was won by Barb Hosking from new riders Kathy Gwynne and Robyn Haydon. The men’s race was taken out by Paul Cornall from Michael Wooster.

The green track juniors race for the girls was won by Emily Wooster from Bella Hosking. Jackson Gwynne won the boys race from Harry Wooster.

The next race run by NEMTB will be the 8th Winter Series race at the Piney on October 14. Also, members and all mtb riders in the area are encouraged to keep the Sunday October 21 free as there will be a 3-hour event on a new track in the local area. More information will be made available soon…..

In the training area, starting on Monday October 8, the club will be running training sessions followed by rides. These 1-hour sessions will run every Monday during Term 4 and for the first few weeks will be at Kookaburra Crest. Start at 4.30 pm. Check out the club website for more information. www.nemtb.com.au