Fat Tyre Farm

Take the time to inspect the tracks and structures carefully before riding.

Getting There - Starting from the Glen Innes Rd in Armidale head north 17.9km along the New England Hwy. Watch out for the old forestry saw on a post marking the required left hand turn, drive up 20m to the gate/grid. Parking for 6-8 cars can be found 30m to the left of the gate/grid. There is another gate right at the parking area to access Fat Tyre Farm to the west.

Map - The FTF is pretty good for a variety of ages and technical skills.

Riding Between Fat Tyre Farm and Robbers Run - Existing Highway can be crossed WITH CAUTION from FTF parking to access Old Highway and head north up to Robbers Run continuing up Thunderbolts Cave Road (a rocky dirt road) to Robbers Run Trail Head at Thunderbolts Cave Car Park. Alternatively, to avoid Highway crossing, there is a tunnel a little to the south where you can ride under the Highway to the old highway, then head north towards RR access, up Thunderbolts Cave Road as above.