Sustainable trail building - Lesson 1

Post date: May 24, 2014 11:33:47 AM

The photo shows David Brunckhorst and Paul Whitford rock armouring a short section of track at the new UNE trailhead access track. This section has a reverse gradient to keep water from running along the track and eroding it. The rock armouring covers a natural drainage line so that water can drain over and under the track without erosion problems. The armouring also provides riders with a different and interesting surface to ride on. Many thanks to David for showing us how to put the principles of sustainable trail building into practice. Yes, it is time consuming initially, but so worth it in the long term. Bill Platts

Big thanks to David Brunckhorst for assisting with training and technical guidance for the new section of track being developed at SportUNE. This is another important milestone for NEMTB in lifting the track quality and sustainability. Also well done to Bill Platts and Paul Whitford for being keen students to assist with the 4 hour build this morning. Peter Hosking