Thanks for the UNE track soil surveys Calvin

Post date: Aug 23, 2014 6:03:26 AM

If you ride the SportUNE trail regularly you will probably have met Calvin who likes to ride (very fast) laps and repeats on small sections. It turns out that he is a soil scientist and he has done some soil tests on the soils along the new section of the SportsUNE trail.

We are trying to work out how to minimize erosion problems from disturbed areas and the trail surface (“tread”) itself and want to build trail using only soils that will stand up to the impact of mountain bikes (compaction, erosion, texture, “slipperiness” etc). Overall it is “so far so good” with our construction but we are still trying to work out what material to use for the tread on the big berms. Calvin’s work will help solve these issues.

I would like to thank Calvin on behalf of the club for his input so far and what promises to be a very fruitful, ongoing discussion well into the future.

Written by Bill Platts.