2017 UNE 3 Hours Team Challenge Wrap-up!

Post date: Oct 15, 2017 7:33:23 AM

Well that’s the UNE 3 Hour Team Challenge run and won for another year – well actually fun, fun, fun and more fun for another year. 110 riders braved the cool, and sometimes wet weather, dressed up to the nines and out for a few hours of riding with friends. The Kermit Loop was the trail for everyone. A big thanks needs to go to Barb for doing lots of behind the scenes organisation/shopping/rego, Michael, Megan and Harry Wooster for the timing, Peter Harris for his words of wit on the advertising front, Steve Rumble for track marking, Paul Whitford for mowing the trails the week before, Nicole Hill for registration and speed Queen mid-event shopper, Kerrie Smith, Andrew Whitehill (The Big Hotdog), Caroline Feltham and Emily Wooster for manning the BBQ, Chris Feltham and James Harris for set up and pack up and everyone else who just kept ride and having fun.

At the end of the day there were some very cool costumes, wacky transitions and lots of smiles. A couple of the classic transitions were the Scientists keeping everything the same and swappingeverything just short of their knicks, Joakim and Michael with their tennis change overs and a couple of the TAS boys having to share a front skewer (wheel axle) when one was lost mid lap.. The runner up for the VC cup was Where’s Wally (Tara Schalk and Debbie Blake) and the winners were Giggles (Ben Ferguson and Sam Harris) who put a lot of effort into their Clown costumes and kept the big wheels turning for the entire time.

If you enjoyed getting out on the mountain bike today and want to improve some of your skills don’t forget the Get Active Armidale – Come and Try Mountain Biking is on this Tuesday at 5pm at the SportUNE hockey carpark. For more infor see the www.nemtb.com.au web page and register with the Armidale Sports Council. This is free for non-NEMTB members as well.

Peter Hosking