2014 GNaTPACK Race 2 – Coff Harbour @ Cows With Guns - 25 May

Post date: May 25, 2014 8:20:34 PM

NEMTB was well represented at the Cows With Guns race, a part of the GNaTPACK race series. The event was a 1 or 2 hour race, depending on the category entered. Coffs Harbour Cycling Club (CHCC) had prepared their typically flowy 8 km track through some magical natural rain forest. They also put the weather on with a nice moderate low 20’s and clear skies.

In the Open Women’s Category Holly Harris (U23) comfortable took first place with Katherine Hosking (U15) coming in second after her coach had given her clear instructions to punch out two fast laps and then roll the last two laps to pick up some base kilometres. She was heard to muttering that it was very hard to allow her to pass in lap 3.

In the Open Mens Category, Mick Harris (U17) and Jack Feltham (U17) had some stiff competition. Both were tracking well until Jack picked up a branch which decided that it wanted his rear derailleur more than he did and forced him into the single speed category. Mick jostled for a podium place through the entire event before taking the lead in the last lap. Contesting the sprint up one of the last fire trails saw Mick take a very respectable 2nd place in the Open Mens.

In the U13 Isabella Hosking took a comfortable 2 lap win. Nick Chisholm had some very stiff completion in the U13 just behind the very competitive Coffs’ rider Ryan Gilchrist. Josh Chisholm (U15) fought against the other very pointy Gilchrist, Drew.

Emily Wooster and Fergus McQueen came 1st in the mixed pairs while the June/Paul Billings combination took out 3rd. Barbs Hosking/Lisa Harris were first in the womens pairs 2 hour teams categories. The remaining Woosters, Harry, Megan and Michael all competed in solo categories.

In the Masters Steve Rumble continued with his good form and should have comfortably finished in the top couple of places with his 5 lap effort. Following a few places back was Peter Hosking, Paul Whitford, Chris Feltham and Bernie Chisholm who was showing an ever improving consistent pace before finding another one of those stray branches eating his rear derailleur.

Well done to all the NIAS and NEMTB members who travelled down and put in a very solid representation and had fun on some different track.

The formal results will be posted as soon as we receive them from CHCC.

PHOTO - NIAS (Northern Inland Academy of Sports) team members competing @ CwG