2015 Mountain Bike Orienteering - 30 December - Results

Post date: Jan 3, 2016 4:33:03 AM

Experience trumps local knowledge at the Piney MTBO

Seven local mountain bikers and teams threw down the challenge to the twentyfour visitng entries in the informal MTBO event at the Armidale Pine Forest (know affectionately in local MTB circles as the Piney) on December 30. However, they were no match for the more experienced of the visitors, who had been honing their navigational skills at Xmas 5 days foot O events in the Armidale area during the preceding few days.

Angus Shedden (Southern Highlands) completed the 20-control scatter course in just 28 minute 58 seconds and narrowly edged out Greg Barbour (Big Foot) by 7 seconds. David Symons was the best of the locals in 34 minutes 10 seconds, combining some local knowledge with previous orienteering experience. He was closely followed by local NEMTB girls Katherine and Isabella Hosking just a further minute or so back.

Several riders attempting the 20-control course evidently lost track of which ones they had visited and ended up with only 18 or 19 controls. Had they completed the course their times would have been very competitive.

The 10-control course was hotly contested, with Ann Scown (ACT) taking the honours in 23 minutes 51 seconds, closely followed by junior members of the Woolford family.

Download full results here.